20 Random Things About Me
  1. I’m a first-time mother-to-be at the age of 29.
  2. Our pregnancy was a surprise blessing.
  3. Carbs are all I seem to be able to stomach in my first trimester.
  4. I like drinking Marmite.
  5. Christmas is my all-time favourite time of the year.
  6. I’m a Christian.
  7. I really like sunsets.
  8. I get depressed when I leave office after it gets dark.
  9. I’ve never read comics growing up. My husband thinks I have no childhood because of that. I completely disagree.
  10. If I have all the money in the world, my choice of wheels would be the Volkswagon Campervan.
  11. I am the worst driver in the world. I got my first vulgar note for bad parking the week after I got my license.
  12. I grew up with very little, and that helped me cherish a lot of things in life.
  13. I’m learning to play the guitar.
  14. I like soft cookies, Chinese herbal soups, tea eggs and Japanese seaweed.
  15. I find cooking therapeutic (at times).
  16. Growing up, poet and hermit were my top 2 career choices.
  17. I cry every time I watch “Hachiko” and “Marimo.
  18. I think Eddie Izzard is a genius.
  19. I get very worried when I see pregnant ladies on crowded buses and trains.
  20. I’ve been sleeping only on my left side since a month ago.