Seeing more in him

by thewallflowerchapter

Today, I learnt an important lesson. I learnt that a wife can look into a moment and see more of her husband if she wants to. But she has to be looking.

I learnt that we can pick each other apart so easily, but it takes time to stop and really look, to see the good, the love we sow into each other’s lives.

My husband loves me like this:

It’s the fishball noodles he brings me for breakfast, or the fish he buys me for lunch so I won’t have to go hungry as I go about my day.

It’s the grocery trips he makes, the heaving of the heavy plastic bags into the car, onto the kitchen counter, keeping them into the fridge, etc… so that I can have all the supplies I need to cook.

It’s the times he stops at the door to say goodbye and look me in the eyes.

It’s the loads of laundry he does late at night, the diapers he hand washes, the dishwasher he starts.

It’s waking up every weekday morning to prepare the little berry for school, make her breakfast, sit her on the potty, etc… while I lie in for a bit more rest.

It’s mopping of the floor of chopper’s drool with the floor rug.

It’s forgiving my grumpy attitude when I feel overwhelmed by the day when it has barely started.

It’s saying sorry when he knows he’s made a mistake, and asking me to pray for him.

In this season of joyful and tiring sowing, there’s nothing like his love to lean on – when I stop and really look.