by thewallflowerchapter

For so many things…

For last night’s uninterrupted 4-hour sleep, it’s not much in the everyday context but it was heaven for me. God really had mercy and knew how much my body could bear… Miriam slept from 9.40pm till 2+am, had a fuss-free 20-min nursing session then slept till 5+am, nursed, went back to sleep till 7am. Was a little groggy when I woke up 7am coz I was too happy and excited to sleep after the 5+am feed, but it was a blissful night.

For GY, my loving husband, wonderful teammate and sacrificial leader. He’s been doing all he can to help out with the little berry and around the house, so I can get maximum rest outside of caring for Miriam.

For the little berry and the hugs and laughs she brings. She’s truly a joy to care for (when she’s not being disobedient), and would play or read quietly by herself in the library while I care for her meimei or get dinner prep done downstairs.

For the trying days when I know I have to lean on God’s strength.

For the “easier” days when I can enjoy time with the girls and talk to GY without constantly yawning.

Like I told GY, this season is so tiring, but oh no joyful.