Faith: 6 weeks

by thewallflowerchapter

It’s been 6 weeks since we’ve been a family of 5 (including Chopper). How have things been? I have a great jumble of thoughts and instead of trying to sort through them before writing which I doubt I’ll get to, I’ll just record them in point form here…

Faith seems to be a very different baby from little berry. She seems less demanding and cries less. Maybe it’s because this time round, I have ample milk supply and she’s not constantly hungry (which on hindsight, we suspect the little berry was). Or maybe it’s simply because she’s got a different disposition and personality.

Faith has yet to settle into a schedule, which is understandable since she’s just 6 weeks old. But she does follow a very rough routine of sorts:

8.30/9am: Bathe time (after little berry goes to school) + Nurse

8.30/9pm: Wipe down + Nurse + Settle down for night time sleep

In between, she feeds erratically between 1 to 2.5hr intervals in the day time, and about 2 to 3 hours in the night.

Some nights, she nurses and goes right back to sleep without much fuss. Some nights, she’ll keep me up for almost 2 hours… nursing, burping, changing poopy diapers, dealing with diaper leaks, nursing again, putting her down only to have her cry again for more milk.

She’s been waking up around 11pm- midnight, 2-3am, 4-5am, then again at 6-7am. That’s pretty much every 2-3 hours, which results in a zombified me most mornings.

Thankfully GY has been a great help and he gets the little berry ready for school in the mornings while I get some much needed snooze.

She’s had her first 6-in-1 jab without much drama. She cried for a couple of seconds and was ok afterwards. There was no fever and she recovered quickly from the jab. Strong girl 🙂

At 6 weeks, she weighs 4.7kg which is heavier than the little berry at the same age.

She grunts A LOT in her sleep, not sure if it’s due to her gas issues (she vomits and farts a fair bit too), but unlike the little berry whom I never burped, I’ve had to spend a lot of time trying to burp her, because there’s a good chance she’ll vomit everything out if she doesn’t.

She’s already had almost 10 episodes of projectile vomiting in her short life thus far, resulting in much washing of sheets and clothes and cushion covers.

She makes the cutest sighs after she sneezes 🙂

Just like her sister, she doesn’t like being swaddled and by week 3, we’ve had to remove her swaddle to let her sleep. She seems a lot happier but on the down side, she scares herself sometimes with all that flailing of arms.

I don’t know how it even happens but as I was telling GY yesterday, it seems The Lord has increased our seemingly already maxed out capacity once again to care for and love this little one.

My dearest Faith, you are so blessed that we don’t make as many rookie parenting mistakes with you as we did with your sister 🙂 But you’ve also had to share our attention with her since day 1, and you seem to be cool with that (except of course, when you’re hungry, that’s when you’ll cry most loudly until tears flow down your cheeks, a most pitiful sight).

We, including your sister, love you so much, including your sister. Welcome to the family my little one 🙂