Letter to self

by thewallflowerchapter

When you feel overwhelmed, exhausted beyond belief, and your tired feet cannot drag you through another day juggling 2 kids and a mountain of unwashed laundry;

When the floor is dirty with paw prints and food bits and Chopper just wouldn’t stop barking at every random vehicle outside our gate;

When you wonder whether Ogilvy would ever take you back or if your skills will become obsolete for society because working is so much easier than being a stay-home mum;

Remember this:

Someday your daughters will grow up and your arms will not be long enough to hold them

Someday this house will be spotlessly clean, without the muddy paw prints or the mess children make,

Someday you’ll have all the time in the world to craft, write, exercise because your daughters will no longer need you all the time the way they do now, saying “come on mummy”

Someday, you’ll no longer need to plan menus, because there may not many chances to eat 3 meals together as a family.

But till those days come, cherish the mundane. The quietness of the night feeds, the leaning on God wondering if these nights will ever end.

Treasure the pitter patter of tiny feet running towards you, the cry of the newborn, the knowledge that their needs are simple for now, and you can do your best to meet them with what God has given you.

For these days will pass in the blink of an eye, and you might be left wondering how they went by so quickly. Perhaps even wishing that you can hear that newborn cry, once again.