Father’s Day

by thewallflowerchapter

My dear daughters,

Today is Father’s Day and even though both of you are still too young to understand the significance of this day, I wanted to write to you so that when you look back, you’ll know the things your Papa has done for you and how much he loves you…

My dearest Gracie mouse, do you know that every night after you go to bed, your Papa would bow his knees to pray for himself, for the family and for you? That’s because he knows how we tend to fail even with the best intentions, and therefore the importance of seeking God to direct his household. He knows his task as husband, and then father is a calling of utmost priority – and to get wisdom for this humanly impossible task, he can only start on his knees and seek his Heavenly Father.

Do you know that when you blissfully drifts off to sleep, your Papa often has to go down to the kitchen to see to many things that’ll ensure your comfort and safety – wash your diapers, rinse your milk bottle, load and start the dishwater… He does all these chores night after night, unseen by you.

Do you know it’s not easy for him to discipline you, to wield the rod – in fact it’s tiring and uncomfortable and takes up way more time than if he were to let things slide, but he does so because he loves you and wants to protect you. He might seem a little harsh at times, but that’s because he wants you to understand and appreciate Godly authority and to obey without hesitation.

Do you know that every time you cry in pain or ask to be comforted with some 药膏, your Papa would go and get some for you, even if he’s already comfortably seated where he is, and the cream is far away.

Do you know that he loads so many of your things in his backpack when he brings you out, so that his hands are free to hold yours, to carry you, to protect you from danger.

Do you know that even when he’s hurt his back, he still carries you, swings you, pulls you along in the water, turns you upside down when you ask him to, because he loves to see the smile on your face and your chucking laughter.

Do you know that your Papa really dislikes being interrupted while he’s on the “throne” in the toilet, but there’s always room in his heart when you go to him, sit on his lap (and request for “Cookie Monster”).

Do you know that your Papa rushes home everyday after work so he can eat dinner with us and spend more time with us?

Do you know he thinks one of the best bits of his day is when he lies down with you side by side in the dark when he puts you to bed, talks to you about the day’s events, explains to you why you were disciplined, comforts you and assures you that he still loves you?

And my dear Faith, do you know that your Papa peeks into your room every chance he’s got because he really wants to spend more time with you but he’s got his hands full with your sister, so he’s snatching every spare minute he has to be with you.

My dear daughters, I pray you both grow up with the assurance and knowledge that your Papa loves you very much, and will go out of his way to teach you, train you, and protect you, for as long as he can.

I pray you’ll grow up to love him, obey him, honor him and bring delight to him. Seeing that would bring such joy to my heart.