TV Time

by thewallflowerchapter

As I type, the little berry is seated in front of the tv watching Buzby, a Max Lucado cartoon. Although it teaches values like obedience, praying to God, honesty, etc… it still fills my heart with guilt watching her plonked in front of the tv, passively absorbing information.

I keep wondering, what if she becomes addicted to tv time and demands for it, or get used to information fed to her like that, or loses her interest in books because her interest in screen time has overtaken everything?

I wish I have the energy to do things with her instead of plonking her in front of the tv. Like finish up her cardboard kitchen which has been in the same state for a while, or coming up with craft activities for her, or simply reading to her.

But being sick – coupled with the pregnancy fatigue – really sucks all energy out of me. In between the nose blowing, phlegm spewing, and hacking coughs, I just feel like curling up into a ball on the bed.

I’m really sick of being sick. It’s been a month of flu bugs and sore throat and runny nose. Every morning, I wake up, look at the yellow/green color of my phlegm and feel discouraged. Is God trying to teach me something through this period of illness?