2 years old

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry turned two the week before. She had 4 cakes in 4 celebrations and she was chuffed to bits to be able to eat so much cake.

There was the ice-cream cake at the Frankel celebration, the Cookie Monster cake DJ made for her, the awfully chocolate cake GY and I brought for her school celebration, and the cake GWR got her for her actual day celebration.

That’s a lot of cake for a very small person. I’m glad we helped her finish most of the cake, lol.

Cakes aside, I’m constantly surprised when I realise that she’s turned two. Where did the last 2 years go? I definitely remember the first couple of months, all that marathon nursing and bouncing and crying and very little sleeping. But after that initial shock, it seems that everything just kinda rolled into a ball of blur.

The weaning, sleep training, going back to work part-time, seeing her crawling, walking, running… I was there at every milestone, yet I cannot remember where all that time went. It’s like time stood still for 2 years, I woke up and found a toddler in my hands.

Perhaps that’s parenthood at this stage. Things are always moving, we are always doing something, there’s always a schedule, always a next-thing to do, be it baby or household related. We are always learning, always on the lookout for danger, teaching moments. I’m constantly in a flux of wanting to enjoy my every minute with her, yet obsessing about it so much that my mind is preoccupied with trying to savor the moments rather than actually savoring them.

Indeed the days in parenting are long, but the years go by in a flash.