Sickness & Blessings

by thewallflowerchapter

So I’ve finally succumbed.

I’ve been gloating for too long that God has kept me well all through the various viruses and flus going around me, and for months and months I’ve not fallen sick. But now it’s come. Tonsillitis has always been my achilles heel.

But through the sickness, I’m thankful for the blessings God has showered…

Like the beautiful bouquet of flowers from GY as part of our anniversary celebration. I’m very touched that he went to all that trouble to do something so sweet for me, even after all these years. He’s been extra concerned and has made me take several supplements to boost my immunity.

This morning after the little berry came home, she reached for my arms and exclaimed “That’s a mummy!”, haha… then she did something unexpected. She touched my head and then hugged me and said “It’s ok mummy!” and “Gracie carry mummy”. I don’t know if it’s coz GY told her that I’m unwell, but her innocent gestures of love melted my heart.

Indeed, sometimes it’s through rainclouds that God shows us His blessings.