by thewallflowerchapter

So much has been happening, and will be happening in the next month or so, I just wanted to take a moment to be thankful for:

A husband who is passionate about leading the household, finds joy in worshipping God, and lends me his pajamas pants when my burgeoning belly has outgrown mine. Who seeks out biblical ways to train our child, and follows through with His word. Who sees my fatigue and helps with the household chores without me asking.

My little berry who gets excited and goes “Ma-meaty meaty meaty!” when she sees me after a long day away from me. Who says “Gracie must give mummy a kiss” and pecks me on the cheek. Who kisses her mei mei in my belly and says “I forgive you” to Chopper who’s been aggressive towards her.

Miriam, this amazing new life growing inside of me. Extremely thankful that she’s turned and in a optimal position for a natural birth.

My parents who start their day at 5am to prepare her meals and welcome her to their home. Who bend over backwards to take care of her, and display superhuman patience in handling her.

My sisters who love the little berry, esp DJ who make every effort to come home early to spend a few previous minutes with her before we bring her home. Whom I can share openly with, pray with, and depend on.

For the kitchen electronic minions GY has engaged to make life easier for us. The dishwasher, washer-dryer, robot vacuum cleaner, coffee machine… We’ve accumulated a wide repertoire of these appliances in recent months and they’ve certainly helped take a considerable amount of load off our plates.