Things she says

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry has been sprouting all sorts of things verbally. Some of them are funny, some of them are sweet and some are just downright hilarious. Before I forget, I just want to write them down…

Fruits of the spirit… patience! (When she’s told to wait patiently for me while I go get milk for her. She does this complete with hand actions she learns from Sunday School, and sometimes she even goes through the whole list – “joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control!” it kills me every time)

Take care (She said this suddenly when I was holding her hands to walk down the staircase at home)

Only Cookie Monster can check (I wanted to check her mouth to see if she’s eaten something she’s not supposed to, but she refused to let me and said that only Cookie Monster can do that)

Gracie is clean already! (She’s usually unwilling to take a shower, and I have to tell her that all the animals at her bed – the animal decals – will not play with her until she’s clean. So after she finishes showering, she would go to them and announce that she’s clean already.)

Gracie is smelly smelly (When I’m changing her dirty diaper)

Gracie hug hug the animals (One morning, she woke up bright and cheery, plastered herself against the wall and declared this)

Chocolate (What she calls GY’s foam roller and her own bolster)

Ma-meaty meaty meaty! (What she’s taken to calling me of late)

Pa-papa-papa-papa (What she sometimes calls GY)

Bubbles are cute. Mummy is cute. (What she said when we were blowing bubbles in the garden one evening waiting for GY to come home.)

Where’s the hole? (When she was looking for the arm hole in her shirt to put her hand through)

Mona Lisa (What she calls her principal, Melissa)

Hiding, hiding, under blanket… Mummy hiding hiding (When she wants to go under the blanket and wants me to do so together with her)

There she is! (When she hides under my scarf in the car and GY asks ‘where is gracie?’)

Policeman will carry you (I tell her that the traffic police will catch her if she doesn’t wear her seat belt, and she somehow mixed up the words ‘catch’ and ‘carry’)

Don’t worry about it (When I was doing art with her one day and she was getting a bit messy, she suddenly told me not to worry about the mess. I think she’s repeating what I’ve told her before haha)

Where’s the mouse/wolf/mummy/papa/chopper/Cookie Monster? (These days, she asks a lot of where’s something, especially when we read to her and she doesn’t see the thing that’s described in the text)

Mummy loves Gracie (This morning after we woke up, she asked me to put my hands around her to hug her, and then said this. It made me melt and reinforced all the more that I should tell her that I love her, because she does remember)

Goodnight mummy penguin (What she says to me before going to bed)

Wake up papa penguin (What she tells GY in the mornings sometimes, haha)

Papa must punish you (We’ve started disciplining her with the cane and when she’s naughty, she sometimes remembers what we tell her)

Must punish Chopper (Somehow, she tries to shift the punishment to Chopper)

Please, may I, can you, be commander? Yes (How she asks GY when she wants to be commander in the car. Yes she answers her own questions)

Please, may I open the drawer? Yes (When she asks me for permission to open my desk drawer. Once again, answering her own questions)

Mummy sing the spiderman (When she wants me to sing the spiderman theme song for her)

Where’s the Pig Will, Pig Won’t? Mummy get the Pig Will, Pig Won’t (When she wants me to go get her Pig Will book)

Gracie don’t want/永珍不要(When she doesn’t want something)

Gracie don’t want the baby Yong Zheng (When she’s irritated with YZ coz he hugged her and doesn’t want him to come near her)

一个圈,这样 (She was extremely tickled after she heard DJ say this, describing the bus route she takes with my mum, and kept saying it complete with hand actions)