by thewallflowerchapter

So it’s been 3 weeks since the little berry has started school. She’s progressed from full-on protest crying on the first day, to crying for 10mins on the second day, to not crying in school at all on the 3rd day (even though she did show some resistance about going to school when she was supposed to go to the car). She no longer cries when we say she’s going to school now. I must say she’s been amazingly adaptable and I really thank God for helping through a short transition period.

It’s been a bittersweet journey for me to go through with her… Some days, she comes back with small splatters of paint on her clothes, giving me a clue that she’s been painting or doing some art and craft in school – and I wonder about what she’s painted, and if she was allowed to mess around with the paints like she does at home.

Some days, she comes back with birthday goodie bags, and says that she’s had cake – and I think about how she must’ve looked when they were all gathered around the cake singing happy birthday, and how happy she must’ve been to eat cake during snack time.

Some days, she comes back not saying anything at all about school – and I wonder what she’s done, what songs were sung to her and whether she felt loved.

I take comfort to see that she’s taken to like her principal, Melissa, a lot. She calls her “Mona Lisa”, probably from the Mona Lisa painting she saw in her Lion vs Rabbit book she loves. When I ask her who changes her diaper in school, she tells me without hesitation, “Mona Lisa”. When I ask her whether she likes Mona Lisa, she tells me “yes”.

She’s also made a few friends, we know of 2 of them – Emily and Kiera. When we were riding home on the 2nd day of school, she suddenly asked me “Where’s Emily?” and when I asked her if Emily was a teacher, she said yes. Then I asked if Emily was a friend, she said yes.

So we had no clue who Emily is until GY solved the mystery when he saw Emily’s name on one of the cubby holes in school. Turns out, she’s a friend in her playgroup who also started school on the same day as the little berry. Maybe that’s why they bonded… I think it’s incredibly sweet that the little berry has a little ‘friend’ she knows by name in school. Last week, when GY went to pick her up from school, she also pointed out Kiera to him, so that’s another little friend we’ve come to know.

Mornings here are still a crazy deal, from getting up in the mornings to make her milk to getting her to poo and eat breakfast (not at the same time), and getting her out the door on time… it’s a tight ship we’re running but I think we’re getting into the groove of things, by God’s grace. We’ve also taken to sneaking a couple of coffee dates during the short period she’s in school. It’s always a struggle for me to prioritize meal preparation or going out with GY, but after having the little berry, I’ve come to realize that meal prep can wait, time alone with my husband is precious and will become rare once another little one comes along.