One of those days

by thewallflowerchapter

Last Sunday turned out to be one of those days when we experienced a lethal combination of toddler learning to unlock doors at 6am + bad sleep the night before + epic breakfast throw-up all over floor and chair and toddler + massive cleanup at 8am.

I was wallowing in self-pity, I was asking questions like why lord? Why aren’t you answering our prayers now? Why is the little berry still not sleeping through the night, in fact why is she waking up earlier and earlier? Where’s your hand in this? How long more do we have to do this? What’s gng to happen when Miriam comes?

Then I was reminded, I’m not in control of this whole thing. Neither is GY. God is, and we just have to be faithful and keep swimming where He tells us to.

In moments like these, I’m also reminded of the many things I’m thankful for…

A husband who prays and reminds me to pray.

Coming across an encouraging blog entry penned as though for me specifically in mind, reminding me that there’s always a very good reason the little berry does the things she does, and I have to see things from her perspective to understand.

My parents who are able to help take care of her so we can take a break, watch a musical.

That my daughter loves me and delights in my company. Even though her needs can come at 6am. That she likes school now and wanted to go to school instead of my parents place.