30 weeks along

by thewallflowerchapter

Before I could blink, here I am at 30 weeks with Miriam. And how do I feel? Well… Heavy.

Not sure if it’s the pregnancy fatigue hitting me with a comeback, but the thing I feel like doing most for the bulk of the day is to lie down on my side to relieve my backache and sleep.

In fact, the moment GY brings the little berry to bed these days, I immediately go to fetal position on our bed and can feel immense physical relief.

Lots of things are still undone. The baby’s new room has yet to be set up, the wardrobe stuff hasn’t been moved over and I’m still going through the little berry’s stuff to sort them out. I’m still undecided on newborn diapers and still have no clue how I’m going to handle two hurricanes at the same time.

Whilst I look forward to holding a newborn again, I’m also overwhelmed by a sense of urgency to get things ready – yet paralyzed by my lack of energy and physical strength. I guess this is one of the greatest paradoxes in motherhood..