First week of school

by thewallflowerchapter

The first week of school came and went. I won’t mince my words, they weren’t exactly easy.

Hearing the alarm ring and dragging myself out of bed to prepare the little berry’s milk and breakfast don’t come naturally to me. I had to bulldoze over my sleepiness to get things done, whilst keeping an eye on the watch all the time.

Every minute counts in the morning rush so her breakfast has to be prepared the night before – so all I have to do is whisk her downstairs after her milk and potty time, scoop her breakfast into a bowl, feed her and off she goes to school with GY.

For now, the current routine seems to be working out well for us:

7am: I wake up, sneak downstairs to make her milk and heat up her breakfast.

7.20am: I wake the little berry up and feed her the milk. I think GY usually is awake by now and starts getting ready in the master room.

7.30am: She sits on the potty. I read/talk to her, she usually does a poo. I clean her up, change her and whisk her downstairs.

7.40am: I feed her breakfast, she usually eats a fair amount, depending on how much milk she’s drank in the morning. GY comes down to join us for breakfast around this time. He’s been eating salami/sardines for breakfast coz I haven’t figured out how to make a quick breakfast for him yet, poor dude.

8.10am latest: GY brings the little berry to school while I finally get some time to take a breather and eat breakfast.

Things are still very much in the transitional phase but we’ve all been trying our best and it’s been a blessed week of new experiences. This arrangement also means she sleeps slightly earlier at night which gives GY and myself more time to ourselves.

I’m proud of the little berry for being cheery in the mornings despite being woken up earlier than her usual wake-up time.

I’m proud of GY for getting himself ready on time and making sure the little berry isn’t late for school. I’m also very thankful that he’s been a strong pillar of support throughout my very emotional journey through the first week of school.