Team 48

by thewallflowerchapter

For as long as I can remember, I’ve found myself coming back to the same thought, almost on a daily basis – I couldn’t have done this without GY on the team.

Often, people see me juggling the household, part time work and taking care of the little berry, and they go like, wow. But they’re only seeing half the picture. The other half, the private half no one sees, but I do. Every single day.

And that is GY waking up early, braving the traffic to send the little berry and I to work and to my parent’s place every Monday and Tuesday so I can work, and the little berry can be well taken care of while I’m at work. He could’ve easily chosen to leave her at a childcare facility nearer our place, or with a maid, but he chose to do what’s best for her, and me.

They don’t see GY coming home for lunch every chance he gets so he can spend some time with us, and rush off to work after. And those moments he takes over the little berry after lunch so I can get a couple of things done around the house, or just go for a much needed toilet break.

They don’t see GY trying his best to come home early in the evenings to relieve me, or to slave over the BBQ grill to cook dinner for the family so we don’t have to eat outside food.

They don’t see him bent over the sink washing dishes that can’t be put into the dishwasher, or pee-soaked diapers because he doesn’t want my rotten fingers to get worse.

They don’t see the mornings he reads story after story to the little berry while she drinks her milk so I can eat breakfast and do my QT in peace. Or the times he puts in a load of laundry on Tuesdays so I don’t feel overwhelmed come Wednesday when I’m back at home.

They don’t get to see his patience when he’s trying to explain the concept of danger in various situations to the little berry, or when he carries her near the BBQ grill, saying “papa protect you”. They miss the times he chased her around the garden with twigs in hand, and the laughs he gets out of her when he spins her around.

They don’t see him rushing through his bath so I can take mine in peace in the evenings. Or the hours he’s spent lying down next to the little berry trying to get her to sleep for the night.

They don’t get to see the temper tantrums the little berry throws sometimes, and how he’s patient in guiding her through her emotions and teaching her self-control.

They don’t see the time he puts into buying household necessities for the family on iherb, or the grocery/meat trips he makes alone when we are low on supplies.

They don’t see the moments he slows down to remind me that he appreciates my hard work for the household, and that we are a team.

And indeed we are a team. Hardly a day goes by without me feeling thankful that I have GY on my team : )