by thewallflowerchapter

Of late, it seems that our place has been overrun by pests.

There’s an army of ants that’s invaded the kitchen, and most recently, the living room.

There are mosquitoes plaguing us every night, and new ones just keep appearing.

There are lizard eggs I’ve spotted in the letter box, one of which has broken which probably means there’s a new baby lizard on the loose somewhere out there.

There’s even a caterpillar that’s decided to make the mosquito plant in the nursery its home, leaving a trail of droppings for me to clean up every morning.

Those black flies in the bathroom aren’t even bothering me as much now in the grand scheme of things.

GY rightly observed that I’ve been rather grumpy these days, especially in the mornings when I’m faced with this tsunami of pests that I’ll have to battle throughout the day. I know I shouldn’t allow my mood to be dictated by my circumstances, but whilst I try not to, I can’t help but get affected in small ways, and they add up!

Like every time I prepare food at the kitchen counter, I’m swamped by the ants, which literally attack whatever place I last left off. I’m so disgusted by the sight of them I don’t even feel like going into the kitchen.

Since this week, I don’t dare to leave the nursery door open because I know there’re mosquitoes loitering outside at the stairwell.

Every time I look at the little berry, I see the scars she got from the last mosquito attack, of which she got 8 bites in one night alone, and 2 vicious ones the following night. She’s suffering a scratchy bloodied ear and a discolored patch on her hand from the allergic reactions to the bites. There were also a few tortured nights when she (and therefore, I) couldn’t sleep coz she was scratching so much.

This is a longstanding thing but I also no longer read the papers because lizards have taken over the letterbox. As a result, I’m slowly but surely becoming a frog in a well.

Having to battle these pests on a daily basis has been frustrating, but I think what gets to me just as much is that I feel alone in battling them.

GY recognizes the problems but he’s not as deeply affected by them, or at least he doesn’t appear to be. That infuriates me to no end because no only do I not feel any empathy, I feel like I’m left alone to deal with the problems coz I’m the one who’s more bothered by the pests.

And my hands are tied coz I’m not allowed to fumigate the rooms or spray insecticide because of health concerns (although I honestly think it’s safe to air the room after), ironically my health is getting affected as a result of inaction.

Bad sleep, a deeply disturbed mind, and the constant need to be on high alert whilst at home has made me one grumpy person.

It’s like ok Houston, we have a problem. Can I do XXX to improve the situation n potentially eradicate the problem?

No. Health reasons.

Then can I try this other method instead which doesn’t affect health?

No. False ceiling.

Can I use insecticide in the outside areas?

No. Health reasons.

Do you have any suggestions to help the situation?


I feel like Job, whom God allowed to suffer from plagues to test his faith. Except that unlike Job, I’m failing the test miserably.