Things she says

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry has been sprouting short sentences. I just want to remember some of the things she’s been saying before I forget them…

Papa wake up!” “Mummy wake up!” – Her little chant when she wants us to wake up in the mornings. Sometimes this is accompanied by peeling our eyelids open with her fingers.

Pain pain… Mummy/Papa 差药膏!” – When she feels pain from bumping her head/knees/arms, or feels the itch from mosquito bites.

Excuse me” – When she needs more space on the bed. She’s quite a space invader, and there was once she even told me “Excuse me, the head” because my head was in her way.

Muffins are hot!” – When she was told to show her cat keychain the muffins that DJ was baking in the oven.

Cookie Monster” – Yup, she’s stopped saying “Cookie Monter” recently… one part of me embraces her accurate pronunciation, another part of me mourns the loss of her innocent mistakes.

Come out of the tunnel already!” – When we exit the MCE/KPE

The boy’s ship” – When she sees the ship docked at the port when we exit/enter the MCE

Gracie do/eat/hold” – When she wants to do something by herself

又再吃/趴/挖肚起/哭” – When she wants to eat/scratch/climb again, often against our instructions

No, thank you” – When she doesn’t want something done to her e.g. tickling, washing hair and face or when she doesn’t want to eat anymore

Gracie eat breakfast! Papa eat breakfast!” – When she’s hungry and wants to eat breakfast (actually she refers to all meals as breakfasts and sometimes, dinner. Never lunch. And when she sees GY’s food laid out on the table.)

Go Ah Yi Nai Nai house” – When we’re headed for Frankel

Papa poo poo! Papa pee pee!” – When she sees GY in the toilet, which is rather often…

Like Gorilla! And meow meow…” – When she sits on the toilet bowl to do her business

Gracie read Pig Will & Pig Won’t” – When she wants to read her Pig Will & Pig Won’t book, which is all the time

Mummy/Papa help you” – When she wants us to help her with something

Gracie cut nails” – When she wants me to help her trim her fingernails

Wom-bat-bat-bat!” – What she called the Wombat puppet DJ bought her

Chop chili chop!” – When she wants to play with the stamping tools for art and craft

Go NTUC” – When we’re going to NTUC

Wait for the green man!” “Now we go!” – When we stop and go at traffic lights

Let’s go!” – When she wants to go somewhere and is enthusiastic about it

Go Papa, Mummy’s room” – When she wants to go to our room in the mornings when she wake sup

Night time already” – When she sees that it’s dark outside and it’s time for bed

Mummy/Papa make milk milk” – When she wants to drink milk, signifying that she’s hungry/tired

Jungle! Jungle! Jungle!” – When we go trekking in Bukit Timah on Saturday mornings

Mummy/Papa read to you” – When she wants us to read to her, usually in the mornings or at night time when she’s comfortably nestled in our bed

In Papa Mummy’s bed” – When she tries to pull a fast one on us and wants to sleep on our bed at night

Auntie Amy/Alice buy for you” – When she wears something my sisters buy for her

Rabit-bit-bit” – What she calls the Rabbit on her PJs