Life at 21 months

by thewallflowerchapter

Ever since the little berry came along, I can truly testify that the days are long and the years are short. Now that the little berry is 21 months old, here’s how our days look like…

7+ am: She wakes up, often with me beside her coz I probably co-slept with her at some point during the night when she cried for me.

This is ironically one of the best yet most agonizing part of my day – having to peel my eyes open to face the day, but having my baby’s cheeky smiles to greet me. She often wakes up touching my face gently with her hand, calling me “mummy“, or more recently, “ma-meat“. Or she would say something random like “红狐狸” or ”春天的野餐” based on whatever characters or stories she has in her mind.

I pretend to sleep a bit more but she usually thrusts her toothy grin into my face to wake me up. This continues until I’m fully awake, then I’ll snuggle with her in bed for a bit before I open the blinds n show her that it’s morning time! We say a prayer to thank God for morning (she usually thanks God for an array of things, including Jesus, papa mummy, Cookie Monster, etc)

I’ll bring her to sit on the toilet potty, “like gorilla and meow meow“. She’ll stay there for about 5 mins while I tell her stories from memory, or sing to her. Usually she either does a poo or pee. Once she’s done, she brushes her teeth (I have to “check” and brush it for her) and then we get her into fresh diapers. By then she’ll be requesting to “go papa mummy’s room”.

8+am: She charges into the master bedroom and announces things based on her observation, like if she sees GY in the toilet, she says “papa poo poo, papa pee pee“. Or if he’s hiding in bed, then she goes to grab her books and I plonk her on the bed with GY before going down to the kitchen to make her milk.

After passing GY her milk, I go downstairs again to eat breakfast and do my QT. Chopper rushes down with me and I let him out. He does his crazy barking after which I feed him.

This time is both sacred and busy because I squeeze in some devotion and bible reading and rush about the kitchen to get GY and the little berry’s breakfasts ready before they come down. Depending on what I’m cooking for lunch, I’ll also have to get some ingredients prepared during this time.

9am or so: I hear GY lead the little berry down the stairs. She rushes into the kitchen and says “mummy!” GY eats breakfast n I finish whatever I was trying to do n feed the little berry her breakfast. She doesn’t eat a lot for breakfast, usually just some tomatoes or nuts, or a small portion of what I’m eating if I cooked my own breakfast, eg. beehoon soup.

GY gets ready to leave for work after his breakfast. I clean up the table n put dirty dishes away into the washer while the little berry potters around the living room with her books or hangs out at her coloring table. She could also be trying on my shoes at the shoe rack or attempting to wear my slippers to go walking in the garden. Often she would come back to me from time to time, offering books or toys or asking me to “mummy carry!

10am or so: GY leaves for work, we say bye bye to him at the front door. I try to get the little berry to say “thank you papa” because I would like her to understand that GY is working hard for the family when he goes to work.

10+am: We get ready to leave the house ourselves. She’ll get into the pram and I’ll push her to the Katong V NTUC where we’ll pick out a couple of items for lunch/dinner. I’ll tell her that she can only walk around in NTUC after I’m done getting all the items I need and she usually understands and stays in the pram till I’m done.

Then I’ll put on her shoes for her and she charges about NTUC like a maniac. She loves hanging around the Pet shampoo section, pointing out the “wow wow” and “meow meow“. She also loves going to the handwash and deodorant section, where she will lift up her arms and hold the deodorant and say that the deodorant is “for roll roll roll, at the arm pit!

After her romp around NTUC, I’ll strap her back in the pram and pay up for our items. Sometimes she refuses to go into the pram and I have to remind her a bit sternly that I’ve told her before that she has to go back. Usually she relents. After paying up, I’ll sit down on the bench to give her a small treat in the form of a banana or some seaweed or corn biscuit and some water before we head back home.

11-12pm: Back at home, she potters ard while I cook lunch for both of us. Sometimes if I tabao lunch for myself from Katong Shopping Ctr and cook just her lunch.

12+pm: I feed her lunch and eat lunch myself as well. Sometimes GY gets to come home to join us. After lunch, I wash up and juggle the little berry’s demands of “mummy carry!”

1+pm: I bathe the little berry and read her books after that, lying on the couch together, side by side. Her favorite books are currently “Pig Will, Pig Won’t”, “Lion vs Rabbit”, “Beauty”, “Tabby McTat” and the “No No Yes Yes” series.

2+pm: I leave her on the couch to go downstairs to make her milk. She usually stays on the couch to read her books and I find her in the same position rather engrossed in looking at the same book when I’m back.

I then bring her to her room, turn down the blinds, switch on the air-con and lie down beside her to feed her her milk. She’s usually quite tired by then and would drink her milk until she drifts off to sleep. If I’m really tired, I nap for a while beside her, if not I’ll take my chance to slip off into the kitchen to get the laundry/dinner prep done.

4+pm: The little berry wakes up. She usually naps for about 2hrs or just over. I go into the room and lie down next to her and see if she can sleep a bit more. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t. If she’s napped enough, we play for a bit in her room before going out to read more books.

5+pm: GY comes home and depending on what our dinner plans are, I either start cooking dinner for us or hear up the little berry’s dinner and get us ready to leave the house for Frankel. If we are staying home for dinner, GY will take the little berry out to the garden to run around or play with chalk/bubbles while I cook dinner.

6+pm: All of us have dinner together.

7+pm: Clearing up after dinner. GY and I load up the dishwasher and I start to get the little berry ready for her bathe time.

8+pm: The little berry gets her bath, she loves filling the plastic toy containers with water from the tap while I shower her. She hates getting water poured on her head and face so washing her face has been a challenge, often with much tears and protests.

She brushes her teeth and I do a “check” where I brush her teeth all over again. After which, I wrap her up “like a baby”, wipe her down and put her in her PJs. She loves her “meow meow” PJs, as well as the Rabbit, and Mickey Mouse ones. I found that selling the characters to her as friends is a lot easier than forcing her to wear them. Once she’s in her PJs, she races off to our master bedroom where I plonk her on our bed, with much mock force.

9pm or so: After settling her in our bed with a book, I go downstairs to make her milk. She’ll lie down quietly to read the book and wait for me to come back. I’ll then read to her and let her drink her milk. GY usually comes out from the shower sometime now and he takes over the little berry so I can hop into the shower myself.

9-10pm: After her milk feed, we take turns to read more books to her. Sometimes, she gets off the bed to play with chopper, or “disturb” him as she likes to say, or romps around the room, or watches GY play the guitar, or uses the magic clean mop to “clean clean clean” the floor. When it’s time for her bedtime, GY says his nightly benediction for the family and asks her to say bye bye and goodnight to whatever that she preoccupied with at the moment, either a book or a toy. Sometimes she tries her luck and says that she wants to “orh orh 睡觉 in papa mummy’s bed”, but GY will skillfully whisk her off to her own room.

After they go off, I finally have some time to myself and I catch up on the many unanswered messages on my phone, or reply emails, or read blogs or catch up on what’s going on in social media. Sometimes this drags on for a while and I experience extreme inertia to bring her milk bottle and dirty diaper down to be washed. Sometimes GY is nice and takes them down and lets me rest in bed.

11+pm: Finally both of us are in bed and we are usually reading something on our individual devices or trying to catch a movie trailer together. We don’t talk much because GY finds our conversations too “mentally stimulating” before bedtime.

11-12mn: Lights off and we doze off. Before the little berry wakes up up at whatever time she does and I go over to co-sleep with her till morning. Wash, rinse, repeat.