by thewallflowerchapter

GY recently brought up the suggestion of having me as a governess for our kids and his brother’s.

My initial response was, how can that possibly work? I’m already so stretched I can barely take care of my ONE child, much less other’s babies. Plus I have no idea how to run a classroom setting for such young children, and I don’t want to ruin the education of these kids…

But underlying these thoughts was the notion of pride. I was swelling up inside because what I’ve done for the little berry was deemed to be desirable, praiseworthy. My daughter was seen as well brought up because of my dedicated care and attention.

Oh how deceitful the human heart is! How vain and blinded!

The only reason the little berry blossomed so is because of her Creator, God. As GY rightfully reminded me, it’s His work in her, not mine or his. Sure, we do a very big part in teaching her and caring for her, but our work is done in faithfulness to Him, and all credit goes to Him.

And in my pride, I’ve demeaned the work other people has done to sow seeds in the little berry’s life.

Like my parents, who faithfully care for her 2.5 times a week and are the single cause for her bilingualism. And my sisters, who take the effort to spend time with her and explain to her how things work through play. And Sunday school, through which she has a chance to learn how to interact with other kids and take turns at play.

I pray that God will guard my heart against such prideful thoughts. and to always know He’s the in ultimate control over the little berry’s growth, character, intellect, and spirit. H