by thewallflowerchapter

GY got me a lovely bunch of flowers recently, they’re mostly green and white, one of my favorite floral combinations. As I was passing by the dining room earlier, I realised that the lilies are blossoming. Their fragrance was strong in the air, and it was a beautiful thing to behold.

The lilies aren’t the only thing that’s blossoming in our household.

Today on the way home in the car, GY commented that the little berry has really blossomed. And I think so too. She’s grown up so well, so bright, so happy. She has a strong will but thankfully also a (mostly) teachable spirit which we are praying will take root for the rest of her adult life.

She’s cheeky, dishes out smiles and laughs more readily these days, especially when with GY and I, and really really loves her books. Quite often she will be happy just digging through her box of books, flipping through the pages, and of coz, pestering us for stories. Most of the time, we are happy to obliged, and I’m personally thrilled to see her love for literature grow.

She can remember many of her nursery rhymes, both English and Chinese ones, and would belt out songs quite randomly in the car, during meal times, when in the garden, etc. It’s a fun thing to try and guess what she’s singing since she’s not always very clear with the verses. She loves songs and would often make us sing to her, over bad over and over haha.

We recently started bringing her to the nature trails again. Previously she’s in the kid carrier, but now that she can walk quite steadily, she’s trekking through the trails with us. When we ask her if she wants to go “trekking in the jungle,” she says “要!”

And she really loves it in the trails, walking, climbing steps, picking up leaves and stones and twigs along the way. She can trek for about an hour on her own, on the undulating BT terrain. We support her up the steps but other than that she’s quite independent and happy to be getting all sweaty and dirty in nature.

So yes, our little berry has been blossoming. Quietly, beautifully, wonderfully. It really makes my heart burst with joy and thanksgiving to watch her grow.