A beautiful day

by thewallflowerchapter

Today was family day, as declared by GY. And The Lord was so, so good to us, I’m humbled and awestruck at what a perfect day he blessed us with.

First, the little berry slept through the night last night, not a peep from her from 10+pm till she roused at 8.20am this morning. I honestly thought something might have happened to her. When I went in to see her today, I was greeted with the sweetest smile. Even though I was awake from 6am, it was such a blessing to be able to stay with GY in the same bed till morning, do my QT in peace before the day starts with her.

We had fun trekking with her at Bukit Timah Hill, where she wowed us by walking all the way to the summit with minimal assistance. We supported her up the stairs at Summit Path and held hands with her up the steep slope, but she put in most of the effort on her own and it was amazing to behold her determination and strength. It was very cute to see her becoming more enthusiastic as we cheered her on along the Summit Path. I suspect this girl of ours really thrive on positive reinforcement.

She are her lunch without fuss (probably hungry from all that exertion) and came home to a solid 2-hr nap. All this while I didn’t have to worry about her pooing because she did a huge poo in the morning just before we left for BT. Perfect timing.

I was blessed by GY to be able to nap while she napped. GY bathed the little berry so I could shower, and he went to get dinner, settle some grocery items and did a load of laundry while I snoozed. It was so blissful to not have to worry about anything while I rested, and I’m so thankful for him.

We headed to the jetty by the beach after the little berry woke up. There, chopper had fun walking around leash-free, he walked the little berry (yes, not the other way round), we basked in the setting sun and the warm breeze. The little berry ran amok and climbed fences and chased chopper.

We came back to a delicious sashimi dinner, the little berry loved her ikura and finished her lamb stew and we all could relax at a relatively early hour because she crashed soon after her milk feed.

My heart is so full with thanksgiving. Thank you Lord, for this rainbow you drew over us today. May our hearts be filled to overflowing, so that when trying times come, we can look back and trust in your loving kindness, because we’ve tasted it.