One-woman battle

by thewallflowerchapter

Sometimes I wonder what’s the use of me protecting the little berry from exposure to electronic devices and shows.

Even after all the research pointing to the detrimental effects of electric devices and shows on young children, I’m still fighting a one-woman battle in this.

Why? Because it’s the easy way out. I know, because I know how much easier it’ll be to change her diapers when she’s glued to my hp screen than when I have to talk to her, sing to her, read to her without the aid of an electronic device.

It’s the easy way out when one is tired and wants to vegetate instead of read to her when she’s drinking her milk.

It’s the easy way out when she’s being cranky. Just shove the phone screening some show in front of her and she’ll keep quiet. There’s no need to talk her through her emotions, process her actions with her, or spend time trying to understand and discipline her.

It’s the easy way out when she’s wandering all over the place, touching everything. Just sit her down with a hp and show her picture after picture. She’ll stay still, keep quiet, attentive. She won’t explore anymore.

It’s the easy way out when parents are tired, or prefer to do something else, or want to spend minimal effort.

I know, because I’ve been tempted many times to do that.

But then I look at her love for books, her interest in reading, her attentiveness when I’m opening the pages of a book before her – and I wonder if all these would have been possible had she exposed to electronic devices more often.

As she grows, as she saps more energy out of us on a daily basis, it’ll get harder and harder to keep her away from electronic devices. But I want to try, because I know it’ll be benefit her in the long run.

Even when the world is saying yes to Sesame Street and Hi-5s and “educational” iPad apps, I want to keep her away from these because I know she doesn’t need them. Not yet.