by thewallflowerchapter

Today during the worship service, we were singing the song that went sth like “Lord we lift your name high”, and “May our lives shine to shout your worth”, and I suddenly felt the Lord asking me, how has my life been shouting His worth, and how am I lifting high His name – specifically in the area of ministering to my in-laws.

I had all sorts of defenses in my mind.

They’re GY’s responsibility, he’s the one they’ll likely listen to, not me.

I don’t want others to think I’m trying to suck up to them by being nice.

My in-laws are extremely stubborn people, I don’t want the issue of religion to strain our once-strained relationship.

But The Lord pierced through all these thoughts and asked me:

What are you doing to shine for me before them?

Do you love them enough to pray for them regularly?

Do you go out of the way to love them, even when it’s inconvenient? Even when it hurts?

I wanted to point the finger at GY instead – How about him Lord? Shouldn’t he be ministering to my parents too? Shouldn’t he be going out of his way, out of his comfort zone to love them as well? If he’s not doing it, why should I?

But The Lord pointed to me. My heart. My attitude. My life. And that’s what I have to be accountable for before Him.

And I have no answer. I was shamed to tears. As hot tears flowed down my cheeks, I was once again reminded that I’m in GY’s family not to be served, but to serve. Not to ask for my rights, but to love, to pray, to reflect Jesus in all that I say and do.

The truth is, I’m far from it. Too far. In the nitty gritties of everyday living, I’ve lost sight of my purpose in GY’s family. I will only see it clearly when I’m before The Lord, and that’s where change begins.