Just a note

by thewallflowerchapter

It hasn’t been exactly smooth sailing around here – the little berry still suffers from bouts of nappy rash now and then, although nowhere as serious as the previous round, she’s still waking up 1-2 times a night and sometimes decides that she’s had enough of sleep by 6am or so, the laundry pile is more ginormous than ever with the onslaught of fresh new cloth diapers, work hasn’t been smooth sailing exactly, my finger’s still rotting and raw and itchy, and I still get nauseous ever so often.

But The Lord has been so good through it all. I feel tired from time to time, I feel breathless and helpless and frustrated like I normally do – but there is a sense of peace, because I know He’s in charge, He cares and it’ll pass. If I’m not contented with whatever I have now, I will never be.

What I remember from this season are the laughs we share as a family, the times my busy husband lugs home two frozen ducks and armfuls of groceries for celebrations ahead, my daughter dancing and turning wildly to the Christmas carols we sing to her, kissing us on the cheeks in bed when we sing “Now give us some sticky pudding”, her enthusiasm about cutting paper and making frosty the snowman and doing “art and craft”, my husband toiling hard for the family despite it being the year-end, seeking hearts turned towards Him, and hearing answers where silence used to reside.

Thank you Lord, may we always praise your holy name in this household.