18 Months update

by thewallflowerchapter

I’m constantly amazed by the little berry’s growth and development, and now at 18 months, she’s almost a full fletched toddler, talking, instructing, walking, commenting, asking, cooking, trying to put on her shoes and feed herself with a spoon. Her growth, especially in terms of speech, has been astounding and here are some of the more memorable/funny things she says at 18 months…

Papa doing? (Asking what’s GY doing, her first question)

Chopper kunnie boy-O kim! (When we say Tony Tony?)

Papa Commendar Gracie! (When she seeing GY driving)

Gracie scoop scoop scoop (When she’s transferring balls from one plate to another using a spoon)

Mummy do/wear/carry/stand up (When she wants me to do something)

Happy to you, or recently, Happy Birthday to you… cut! (she pretends to cut the cake)

Byebye Mummy, love youuuu, see you tomolo, goodnight… Byebye Chopper, byebye Gonga, byebye leek, byebye Wombat, byebye Cookie Monter, byebye penguin… (Saying her round of byes before GY puts her to bed)

Mummy/Papa eating/go down/walk walk walk/push push push! (When she sees that we are eating or walking or wants us to do something for her like walk with her or push her pram)

Pea may I? (Please, may I? She has this weird way of combining the 3 words into pea-may-I?)

Big girl/che che already (When I praise her for brushing her teeth/taking medicine like a big girl or big che che. She gets v pleased about it.)

She can count 1 to 10, and sometimes up to 20 if she says the nursery rhyme. She can also count 1 to 10 in mandarin, but more rarely. She can sing most of the ABC song, and can remember 90% of the fruits of the Spirit, along with the accompanying actions. I also find her singing to herself bits of the nursery rhymes we sing to her, and that includes some of the Chinese and Malay ones my parents sing to her, like 爸爸不在家,小小兵,小星星,花蝴蝶,and the Singapore national anthem, haha.

She also does a pretty good job of repeating after me when I sing her the Country Road, Take Me Home song. It’s most adorable to hear coz she evidently has no idea what she’s singing about.

She’s been eating well and loves the bbq food GY cooks for her. She especially loves the mushrooms and asparagus, always calling out for “‘paragus!” She’s still on 3 milk feeds a day, when she wakes up in the morning, before her single afternoon nap and just before bedtime.

She weights about 10kg now, and is roughly around 83cm in height but I can’t be sure about the latter coz it was measured in a rush at Kinder Clinic.

We tried potty training her in the daytime due to a nasty case of diaper rash she developed from a night of undetected poo. So far, there’s been about a 10% success rate, she usually pees in the potty after her meals.

Honestly I don’t think she’s ready yet for potty training because she holds her poo when she’s not in diapers which is v unhealthy, and she doesn’t know how to sound out that she wants to pee (hence, the many many pee accidents all over the house). She also shows resistance to sitting on the potty sometimes, and I don’t want to make it an object of dislike for her so I try not to force it. She’s recovering well from the nappy rash now, but we’ll see how it goes.

She still loves to be read to, and is always asking to do “art and craft”, or “paint paint paint”. I love that she’s really into these hands-on learning but unfortunately I haven’t been able to set out too many craft activities for her lately due to the pregnancy fatigue. Hopefully the fatigue will pass soon with the coming of the second trimester and I can plan more of these for her.

She’s been quite good at helping out with little chores around the house lately. Like I’ll pass her some used tissue and she’ll help me throw them away in the dustbin. After her bath at night, she’ll help to put her used romper in the laundry basket and throw her dirty diaper in the dustbin.

With her recent bout of nappy rash and cold, she’s also been waking up at night, sometimes crying for hours at a stretch if we don’t go get her. Initially we thought she’s just acting up and tried to leave her be, but then we realised that sometimes she cries coz of poo accidents at night which leads to further diaper rash. So we learned the hard way to attend to her at night when she cries, at least during this period until she’s fully recovered from both the rash and cold.

She’s also becoming more assertive in the things she wants. I think it’s part of her psychological development where she tries to assert independence and will. I’m still learning how to celebrate her attempts at independence, yet at the same time enforce safe boundaries and instill a good habit of obedience in her. It’s hard and everyday is different, but we are learning.

The little berry has this crazy effect on me. When she’s around, she’s a live wire and zaps up all my energy and strength and I yearn for her to be sleeping or to have a moment of peace to myself. But when she’s away from me, I start to miss her and obsessively looks at her photos and videos to hear her voice again.

My little berry, you really are special. I love reading to her, singing to you and holding you when you sleep at night. I love hearing your naughty chuckles when you run crazy around our room at night, catching you for a big hug in the middle of your steps, and wrapping you up “like a baby” after your bath. Soon, you will not be a baby anymore because you’ll have a younger sibling, but know that you’ll always always be mummy’s precious baby, forever.