Trials and tribulations

by thewallflowerchapter

The family has seen its fair share of sickness these past weeks. After taking forever to recover from our last bout of cold, the little berry and I are down again with the cold, but this time she’s got an additional case of bad nappy rash.

I think it all started from one night last week when she pooed in her sleep and we only discovered it many hours later. By then, the rash had gotten very bad with some fungal infection and it kind of fluctuated from there. It was recovering well for a few days but after letting her go diaper-less, the rash was aggravated by the pee stains from her multiple pee accidents.

Then she pooed again last night around 1am. She cried out for us but we thought she was up to her antics again and tried to ignore it for almost 2 hours before GY went to attend to her coz she was trying to remove her clothes. He discovered then that she had pooed and once again, the rash was aggravated.

I know GY is heartbroken from seeing her suffer, especially when she cries and says “pain pain” when we use water to wash her privates, and truth be told, I am too. It hurts to see her in pain, itching and scratching every time I bathe her. It hurts to see her swells and how they are flaming red. I cannot imagine the discomfort she’s going through. It doesn’t feel good to slap on chemicals and creams on her but there’s no choice in this situation and I would rather that she is in less discomfort than more.

I don’t think what’s the purpose of all this suffering for her, for me and for GY. I can only trust that God is good through it all. He loves the little berry much more than we do, and He will heal her. It hurts him to see her in pain too, but He has a purpose and His will, though puzzling at times, is always perfect.

I give thanks that she’s fighting the cold bug very well and her nose isn’t half as congested as the last bout of cold.

I give thanks that she’s learnt to take her medicine like a brave girl, and smiles every time she repeats after me that she’s a “big jiejie already”.

I give thanks that God has protected her from more serious diseases like measles and HFMD.

I give thanks that she’s been a champion through this episode, generally in good cheer and obedient to us.

I give thanks that I’m not feeling the cold symptoms as badly as the last time round, and I get some respite to rest and clear my head while she naps.

I give thanks for GY, whose sacrificial work for the family has allowed me to rest more at home. Who picks up the slack after me, and always puts the family first.

I thank God for this episode, through the sleepless nights and suffering. May we learn to lean on His grace, which is always sufficient.