Screamy times

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry had been particularly difficult today, screaming to earth-shattering point on about 2 to 3 occasions. The weird thing is, she’s perfectly fine at other points in the day, going about her business, eating her food with ease and picking up her toys when I tell her to.

Perhaps we are not catching her nap times right, both times she was screaming were when she’d been up for a while and tired. Perhaps it’s the nasty nappy rash that’s come back, my fault. Perhaps she’s testing our limits and trying to exert her autonomy in life. Perhaps she’s come down with another bug seeing that she’s vomited twice last night and had wet stools tonight.

Whatever the case, I really need much wisdom and grace to go through this.

I can sense something’s bothering her and leading her to be frustrated and scream, but do I ignore that to exert my authority over her and put a stop to the undesirable symptoms, without addressing the core issue?

Do I continue with the tasks at hand and let her ride out her emotions before I get her to calm down?

Do I respond straightaway and run the risk of riding on my frustrations?

We learnt that any lasting change in a child’s life is only made when it travels through the heart. I know that the little berry may be too young now to understand our explanations, but I sense there’s something very wrong with correcting the outward behavior without addressing the inward issues. It runs the risk of authority tyranny, or abusing the authority God gave us.

Yet I also can see why we can’t just stand by and let her scream every time she doesn’t get what she wants.

There’s got to be a balance. But where does it lie? The bible says those who lack wisdom should ask God for it, and He will freely give. Perhaps that’s what I ought to do.

P.S. It’s harder to make sound decisions when I feel pressurized to act when I’m not clear about the direction to take.