Sickly times, trying times

by thewallflowerchapter

The whole family has been down with a cold over the past 2 weeks. First it was me, then the little berry, then GY succumbed too. Dealing with the incessant coughing, clogged up nose, dry throat and restless nights haven’t been easy, but it’s nothing compared to having to take care of a whiny, screamy, want-to-be-carried-all-the-time baby.

I know it’s not easy for her to cope with the same symptoms. Her runny nose has been stuck with thick, yellow mucus, her mouth appears parched and she had a tough time falling asleep n drinking milk coz she couldn’t breathe through her nose.

But still. It really takes an extraordinary amount of patience and teeth-gritting to get through these screamy days, especially when the pregnancy fatigue and nausea doesn’t quite let up.

GY has been trying to offload me from cooking and he’s also very trying to take care of the little berry as much as possible so I can rest in the mornings or relax a little more, but he ain’t feeling 100% himself so I feel bad if I really just let him take over.

In times like these, we really need the grace of God to see us through. And a lot, lot of patience.