A day in our lives at 17 months

by thewallflowerchapter

I actually drafted this post when the little berry was 16 moths old, but with the recent bout of cold and sniffy noses, things have been rather hectic around these parts. So anyway, Just thought I’ll record down a timetable of our day now that the little berry is 17 months old.

7am: She’s been waking up quite consistently around 7am (there were a couple of mornings she slept in till 7.30pm after a later bedtime, but of late, her mucus-striken nose has been waking her up ard 6.30am). After confirming that she’s up via the webcam, I go in and get her, singing “Good morning, good morning, how do you do? Good morning, good morning, may God bless you” as I walk in. I always tickle her at the end and she’ll smile/giggle. Then I open the blinds to show her that it’s morning time, get her out of the cot, change her diaper, change her out of her PJs, then bring her into the master bedroom where she greets her papa and says “good morning” to him. Sometimes she might protest to be changed, and would require some coaxing.

7.20am: She has her first milk feed of the day (120ml) in our bed. I read/sing to her while she drinks, and after she finishes her milk, we play in bed – reading, singing, she runs around the room to disturb chopper, get more books for us to read to her, bugs GY to show her “cookie monter”, but we usually don’t give in.  If it’s a Monday/Tuesday, we get ready to leave for my parent’s place and I get ready the little berry’s breakfast for consumption on-the-go in the car. GY and I usually have quick food like sardines/protein bar for breakfast.

8am: On Wednesday-Saturdays, I go to the kitchen to wash her milk bottle and prepare breakfast for us all while she stays in the room to play with her papa. I take this time to listen to the bible, or the daily bread, or online sermon. Sometimes I make it through a good chunk before I hear the trotting of feet down the stairs. While I listen, I fly around the kitchen washing bottles, chopping veg, firing up the oven, etc.

9am: Usually breakfast is ready by then and we all sit down to eat. GY reads the news on his ipad while I feed the little berry her breakfast as I try to eat some food myself. Sometimes, GY goes out to buy breakfast for us and I don’t cook.

10am: After breakfast, GY gets ready to leave for work while I wash up and get the little berry to say bye to him. After that it’s some outdoor play time, I get her to find her shoes and pants, “roll roll roll” on the insect repellant, put on her “swimming hat” and out to the garden we go! Sometimes, we play with chalk on the driveway, sometimes we pick weeds and flowers and snail shells, sometimes we crush leaves and sit on the swing.

10+am: Usually, the little berry will go back to the house by herself when she’s had enough of outdoor play. I go in with her and get her to “take off” her shoes, put her hat back into the swimming bag, and depending on how the weather holds up, sometimes I set her down in Chopper’s big blue tub for some water play. She LOVES water play and can sit independently inside for close to 30mins while I keep an eye on her from the kitchen, getting lunch ready. If the weather isn’t great, I pop her into the bath after outdoor play and we sit together to read/craft/paint after that.

12nn: I go to the kitchen to get our lunch ready while the little berry does some scooping activity in her high chair, or chomps on bits of salad/nuts/tomatoes as I cook.

12+pm: GY usually joins us for lunch and we both look forward to having him back home. We eat together and he gets a bit of time to play with the little berry while I wash up (if he has no meetings to rush for). After he goes back to work, it’s more reading for the little berry.

2+pm: I give the little berry another bottle of milk (120ml), and she’s usually so tired by then, she falls asleep while drinking milk. I lie down with her on the mattress and stay with her for a while after she sleeps. After making sure that she’s nicely under the covers, that the webcam works, I leave the room while monitoring her on the webcam. I wash her milk bottle and depending on whether I’m cooking dinner, I prep ingredients or get a little bit of me-time (recently, it’s been mostly editing/production/co-ordination work for the team book). Sometimes, the little berry wakes up crying and needs me to go in to lie down with her again before she would settle back to sleep. But she usually sleeps for a good chunk of time, around 1.5 – 2.5hrs.

4+ to 5pm: The little berry wakes up. I have no idea why but she usually wakes up in a bad mood and needs some cajoling/comforting before she would stop crying. I read to her more books and we wait for GY to come home. Sometimes I bring her to the park connector for a walk, but recently we’ve just been staying home, reading and singing.

6+pm: We have dinner together at home (or at GY’s parent’s place on Wednesdays).

7+pm: GY washes up while I bathe the little berry. I bring her to the kitchen after her bubble bath and she does some coloring or sits on the highchair in the kitchen and watches me get her milk  ready. Then we go up the master room together for her milk feed. Usually I read/sing to her as she drinks. Sometimes GY comes to take over after his bath so I can bathe.

8+ to 9+pm:  The little berry’s bedtime is quite dependent on whether we had dinner outside or at home, but we try to make sure that she’s in bed latest by 9.30pm, or even earlier if she shows signs of sleepiness or is not well like now. GY brings her to say “bye bye”, “goodnight”, “love you” and “see you tomorrow” to me and Chopper, then off they go to the nursery where he’ll switch off all the lights and lie down with her on the mattress until she falls asleep. He comes out of the room after she sleeps and goes back in 30mins later to transfer her from the mattress to her cot.

10+pm: After all that, GY and I finally have a bit of time to ourselves, which we use to have a quick chat/surf sites online.

11+pm: We always try to sleep earlier but the reality is that we usually end up sleeping around this time, before the clock rewinds itself all over again at 7am in the morning…