“Do you happy?”

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry was pottering around the nursery in a maniac-happy kinda way this afternoon, a red recycle bag in hand and telling me every 2 minutes, “mummy bye bye!”

I was lying on the mattress wondering when will she settle down for her afternoon nap. Then suddenly, she stood before Mr Rabbit and said, “Do you… Happy?”

I thought I misheard her, but she asked me the same question a moment later. I was so amused and at the same time, proud of her for asking her own question – such a poignant one at that! No one taught her to do so and it’s so funny she came up with that by herself!

I was tempted to correct her grammar, but in the end left it as that because the question is so innocent and cute. She’s got this higher pitch going on when she says “happy?”

My sweetheart, even if I wasn’t, hearing you say that would make me very happy indeed.