Nap Weaning

by thewallflowerchapter

This morning, inspired by GY’s success at letting the little berry sleep at bight without nursing, I bit the bullet and refused to nurse her for her morning nap. She was v tired but really wanted to nurse even after drinking 60ml of formula milk.

After walking around the room for a bit, she laid down next to me and asked for her “milk milk”. I told her “no more milk milk”. I think she didn’t quite get it initially, but after a while she eventually got the message after asking repeatedly to nurse and not getting what she wanted. That’s when she got upset and started protesting and crying. She tried to wriggle around on the mattress but couldn’t seem to find any comfortable spot. Then she sat up and started crying.

My heart broke when she said “no more no more, nonono…”, referring to no more nursing, but I had to steel myself and refuse to give in for her sake (if not it’ll be more painful for her to re-learn that there’s no more nursing)

After protesting for close to 30mins, she finally laid down next to me, still crying a little. I could tell she’s really tired and her eyes were closing, it was a really sad moment for me to see her licking her arm and sucking on it before she eventually fell asleep.

My little berry, I hope you know that mummy still loves you very very much even though she’s not nursing you anymore.