Night Weaning

by thewallflowerchapter

After months of agonizing over how the little berry will ever sleep at night, there is a breakthrough!

GY put her to bed tonight and even though she protested and cried for about 15mins and refused to drink her milk, she eventually slept without having to nurse.

I don’t know how to describe how I feel. Relief? Joy?

And perhaps a tinge of sadness too that my nursing days are indeed coming to an end. The toughest feed has been overcome and we are almost there in the weaning journey (although I wonder how I’ll let her nap in the afternoons).

I wish I had cherished our night feeds a little more. Reached for her face instead of the phone. Really take in those moments when she lay sleeping beside me in the dark.

My only comfort is that GY may now experience the beauty of these too as he takes over the role of putting her to bed. It’s a magical feeling to hear her breathing soft against the backdrop of this spinning world. And we can hear only if we listen. If not we miss it.

My little berry, it’s not that mummy doesn’t want to be there as you sleep at night, it’s just that you need to learn how to sleep without nursing and it’s going to be very very difficult for you to do so when mummy is in the room with you. You’ve done so well tonight, you went to sleep by yourself rather quickly. I can only pray that you learn fast to save yourself the tears and heartache.