Melting Moments

by thewallflowerchapter

She’s growing up so quickly and gifting us with so many magical moments it’s hard to keep track…

I wish I’ll always remember the time she gently blew at the wound on my knee when I told her its “pain pain”.

The time she hugged the railing by the jetty out at sea and stretched out both hands to embrace the wind, and then subsequently stooped down to try and “bao bao” chopper.

The times she would crinkle up her nose and gesture to me that her dirty diaper is “smelly” when I hand it to her.

The times she would pick up a book and automatically climb onto my lap when I tell her “mummy read to you”.

The times she sat on GY’s shoulders and randomly pointed out his ears, and all the times she says “papa” after waking up and totter over to our room to find him.

The times she feeds me her carrots and smile with glee when I actually take a bite. She loves feeding me, especially using her mouth!

How do I remember these moments? There are too many. Even as I hurry to write them down, I know my memory will fail me one day. I can only give thanks for these magical moments The Lord has gifted me.