15 Months Update

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry has been growing in leaps and bounds lately… Just when there’re so many new milestones to record, I am ironically unable to do so religiously. Meals have to be cooked, laundry washed and bottoms cleaned. I’m at the phase whereby I’m trying to spawn more eyes at the back of my head to watch her while I busy in the kitchen.

In the last month, she’s learned to walk independently, and even ventured outdoors to do so. She started doing her “walk walk walk” with GY when he would hold her hand and walk around the house. Initially when she first stepped outdoors, she would request to hold our hands before she would move but after taking a few steps, she would be more willing to let go of our hands and explore on her own.

She’s got the cutest way of walking now with both her hands raised while she potters about. She’s gaining speed and confidence daily, even though sometimes she would still want to be carried, telling us “bao bao”.

For the first few weeks of her walking outdoors, we didn’t have any proper footwear for her except a pair of crib shoes which was a hand-me-down from a friend. So she wore those shoes to the garden, to the neighborhood park connector, to tiong bahru park, and even to the beach! We didn’t think these were very strenuous sessions but her crib shoes were duly worn out within 2 weeks with the fabric peeling off the soles.

GY decided to bite the (very expensive) bullet and bought her a pair of Pediped shoes to replace those and she’s been happily them ever since. They’re more expensive than most of my shoes but I think for a first pair of proper shoes, they do provide the much-needed arch and heel support. Hopefully she’ll be able to wear them for a long time.

With her newfound freedom, the little berry has been saying “walk walk walk”, and going over to her shoes to try and put them on. She would also try to wear her pants and get me to wear her shoes for her so I can bring her for a walk. So these days I bring her for a short morning exploration in our garden where she would walk up and down the driveway and pick up flowers, leaves and all manner of fallen objects. She would be a sweaty mess by the time we get back into the house (I believe she got this gene from her papa). I would bathe her and then she would go down for her morning nap quite easily.

Besides walking, another major milestone for her had been in the area of food. She seemed to be growing tired of her usual steamed meat-veg-brown rice cereal meals, and I was having a tough time getting her to finish her meals. Then one day after she said “no no” again to her lunch, GY suggested letting her try his lamb stew. I was initially resistant to the idea since salt has been added to the food but relented in the end since the ingredients used are all suitable for her consumption. And good thing I did, because she loved the lamb stew! So much so she finished all the meat in the portion I gave her and had the stew again for dinner and her meals the next day.

So her liking and transition to adult-ish meals have made it less of a hassle to cook for her, although I still do crack my brains over what to cook sometimes, given the various restrictions I’m limited by (gluten-free, no chicken/pork for GY’s meals).

On the topic of food, she seems to like sharing her food by hand feeding it to us. She’s currently in her carrot-crazy phase and would chomp through baby carrots on her own, but whenever I ask her to share with me, she would willingly offer the carrot in her hands for me to take a bite and look very amused and happy when I do so. I love this aspect of her, that she’s willing and happy to share.

The little berry has also been very affectionate, giving out her kisses rather generously. When we ask her to “kiss kiss”, she would lean over with lips pursed to give us a peck on the cheek, it’s really the sweetest thing to watch and receive. Initially she would only kiss me and GY, but over the months she slowly started showing affection to other family members as well, often kissing her nai nai, ah ki, ah gong, ah ma, my sisters and even her baby cousins!

But the loveliest kisses are those she gives me when I’m nursing her, where she would suddenly unlatch herself to give me a peck on the lips. I’ll be missing these kisses when I wean her.

We’ve been teaching her to greet people. Like whenever she meets us in the morning, she’s to call us “papa” and “mama”, and also to tell us “morning”. Or when we go over to my parent’s, she’s also supposed to greet my parents and sisters first before going off to play. She’s been rather dutiful in this aspect and is able to call most of the names with some prompting, even though she seems to like calling my younger sis by name instead of “auntie”, haha.

She’s got a pretty good range of Chinese words in her vocab, mostly due to the fact that my parents speak to her in mandarin on the days she’s there. She can understand instructions given to her in mandarin and say simple things like 开,要,不要,知道,谢谢,不客气,门,洗手.

On top of her chinese vocab, she also seems to be making an intellectual leap in her growth. She’s able to repeat most words after us accurately, and has been expanding her English vocab everyday. For the longest time she would only take apart the colorful stacking rings but just last week, she’s been able to stack them back on her own.

Her love for books remain constant. Every morning she would ask us to read to her, and this repeats itself in the afternoons before her nap. I love these times with her, where she would pick out a book and give it to me, then climb onto my lap so I can read it to her. Sometimes she even tries to get me to read to her at night when she’s supposed to be sleeping.

All in all, she’s still an onion that requires time and patience for others to thoroughly understand and enjoy her. Which is why GY and I are ones who see her “true colors” the most, and therefore enjoy her company the most. My little berry, may we enjoy this phase of your life as much as we do when you grow. We love you so much, always remember that