Date Night

by thewallflowerchapter

After 14 months, GY and I finally had a formal date night last Saturday, sans the little berry (even for our wedding anniversary celebration, we brought her along to Margaritas!) GY’s folks were very kind to help babysit for a couple of hours while we zipped out to have dinner down the road and see where the evenings brings us.

While dinner was good and satisfactory, the highlight of the night was the playground visit. Perhaps we are both little kids at heart, it seems that our romance started at the playground and still thrives there. This time, we didn’t have sparklers or midnight candle bonfires, instead, we swung high into the sky side by side and worried about the swingset breaking under our weight. We climbed the plastic ‘rock wall’ and stood unsteady, laughing madly on this funny rotating device. We sat on a bench and caught the remaining rays of the sunset as the evening wrapped itself around us.

Perhaps GY is right when he said that we connect best when we’re doing something or having fun together, instead of sitting opposite each other in a stuffy restaurant. (We had fun earlier in the day taking a walk through MacRitchie with the little berry too)

Either way, I always think whatever it is we are doing, wherever we may be, it’s about who we are with that matters most.