My affectionate little girl

by thewallflowerchapter

It’s quite clear that the litte berry’s favourite person is me. I am unabashed to say this and intend to soak up the attention while it lasts, because I know this stage of separation anxiety doesn’t go on forever.

But even as I know this, it’s still a nice surprise whenever I get showered with acts of affection from her.

Like when she suddenly unlatches herself when I’m nursing her at night to come over to kiss me on the nose, and cheek and mouth, haha!

Or when she gently “pat pats” me on the back when I carry her in my arms.

Or when she digs her head into the nook of my neck and grabs on really tightly when she doesn’t want anyone else to carry her.

Or when she gently touches my ear when GY asks her “where is mummy’s ear?” (ok this one isn’t a show of affection but it’s still nice to feel her little fingers on my ears).

I really hope I’ll remember all these little acts of affection because each one is so precious to me.