Walk walk walk

by thewallflowerchapter

The little berry has been surely and somewhat steadily been mastering the art of walking. She loves it even her papa holds out his hand and the two of them go “walk walk walk” around the house, hand in hand. It really makes me smile seeing that.

I remember a few weeks ago when we just got back from the states, I was hanging out with the little berry in the living room when she suddenly decided to walk a couple of unsteady steps towards something she wanted.

It was one of the first few times she walked independently and I was so proud of her. In between feeling happy and surprised, I also started scrunching up my face, and as tears rolled down I grappled with the sudden realization that my baby is growing up so quickly. Soon, she’ll be waking on her own and I wouldn’t get much chance to carry or hug her because she would want to explore this big, exciting world for herself.

She’s been walking longer and longer distances everyday, like across the room, or to GY or myself. But when she wants to get somewhere really fast, she still gets down on all fours to crawl. And to that, I say it’s ok, take your time my little berry… you’ll be walking on your own very soon, for now, let mummy hold your hand or carry you a little while longer.