by thewallflowerchapter

Macritchie holds some happy and bizarre memories for GY and myself. Back in our dating days, we used to run there together, or rather I used to run and GY would trail behind trying to catch up : )

It was the place where I had the worst stomachache and had to urgently find a washroom to relieve myself but we were in the middle of the forest. As I struggled to walk the way back to civilization, GY stood by me every step of the way, including each time I had to stop when the churning came on. It was painful and embarrassing, but that episode, among others, showed me that he could be counted on when times get hard.

Today we found ourselves at macritchie again, but as a family. With the little berry on my back and GY by my side, the hour-long walk through the lush, humid greenery felt like a treat. Much as I relished the physical exercise, I appreciated the company and conversation much more.