In the still of the night

by thewallflowerchapter

Hearing the steady breathing of GY next to me, knowing that the little berry is sleeping soundly in her cot, bum high in the air.

It’s nice to get some time to reflect on life and where it’s brought us lately…

I’m enjoying my nightly 5min conversations with GY, it makes me feel connected with him which is very important to me. We skipped tonight though because I went out to meet my Sherpa guide who’s here in Singapore, and I find myself missing that 5mins talking with him.

The little berry is growing up too fast… She’s talking and blabbering and walking and making cheeky faces, sometimes I wonder where did the months go? I oscillate between worrying about weaning her and hoping that she’ll always be satiated at the breast because I don’t want to lose that only physical connection left with her.

Pizza Night was fun, although it’s technically Toppings Night more like.