13 Months update

by thewallflowerchapter

Once again, I’m super late with this update. The whole of June just flew by with the Alaska holiday and all that adjusting back to normal life, not to mention sleep retraining.

My memory of the little berry’s 13th month is a little hazy so I’ll just jot down the things I remember.

After her birthday celebration, we whisked her off to Bali for a family holiday. She was ok for the flight there but wasn’t too happy on the way back. I suspect it was a combination of lack of sleep added up and the fact that she can’t keep still but she had to be strapped in to me in the baby carrier since we didn’t buy her a seat on the plane.

There was a bit of crying and screaming involved, but nothing compared to the epic meltdown on the flight back to Singapore from Narita airport. It was a 6+hr flight and she was overtired. I suspect it was a cumulative thing too, having to wake up earlier to catch the flights, overtired from the lack of proper naps and general exhaustion from being on the move and not having the space to crawl and let loose for close to 12hrs.

Anyway, she didn’t want to nurse, didn’t want to be carried, didn’t want to eat the fruits I packed for her, or read the books in her bag… It was full-on scream mode and the lights in the cabin were off, people were trying to sleep and I felt so bad for disturbing the peace and yet have no way of soothing her.

In the end I prayed and prayed, and after almost 30mins of crazy fussing, she finally took the boob and concussed from all that drama. She slept fitfully so I didn’t dare unlatch her, so I endured the rest of the flight nursing her in an awkward position. I didn’t dare move much lest she wakes up. I believe at some point in that episode, both GY and I made a mental note never to bring a baby on a flight longer than 4hrs. It’s pure folly and I believe, very cancer-inducing with all that stress.

So that was the drama we had on the plane rides. The little berry did pretty well in Alaska itself though. She was the only young baby on board so everyone loved her. Everywhere she went, fellow guests were asking for her name, asking how old she is, and service staff were always trying to say hi and play with her.

I believe this helped her open up quite a bit. She’s usually quite introverted and would prefer to observe from afar. There were times when she cried when people came too near to her. But over time on the cruise, gradually, she began to say hi back, to smile and sometimes, even tease the staff with her cheeky smiles. When we came back to Singapore, I noticed that she would look at service staff expecting them to talk to her, and looked curious when they didn’t.

She picked up quite a bit of vocab during the holiday, I think it coincided with her development. So now she can say:

Nai nai (
and point to herself, haha)
Ah (and v occasionally, Yi)
Dog dog
Woo woo
(dog barking)
Duck duck
Quack quack
Bird bird
Meow meow
(for cat)
Moo (for cow)
Rain rain (& tap her head with raindrops)
Baa baa (for baa baa black sheep)
Pur (for Please)
No no (her fav word at the moment)
Ah Ma (v occasionally)
Tiak (to unbuckle her)
Mere milk

One unfortunate thing that came out of the holidays was that the little berry refused to sleep in the cot provided and would cry when we put her in to sleep. I suspect it’s because she can see us, therefore want our company. In the end (after close to an hour of crying and protesting), we caved and let her sleep in our bed. It was both a terribly bad and terribly wonderful decision.

Bad because she got used to it and didn’t want to sleep in her own cot after the Alaska holiday (she seemed to be ok sleeping in her own cot after Bali though – another point to rem, no more holidays longer than 4 days). Not to mention all that multiple wakings to nurse in the middle of the night.

Wonderful because we got to wake up with her and could see her sleepy smiles and morning kisses. I think it’s especially nice for GY to catch her in this state because he seldom gets to see the just-woken-up her. I’ll always cherish the mornings where the three of us were laughing, playing and lazing in bed.