Alaska gone by

by thewallflowerchapter

Back from the ever-sunny summer of Alaska, it’s a nose dive into the thick of regular life, if there’s such a thing. Lots if adjustments have to be made (we now have an illegal immigrant in our bed), and things to be unpacked. But in the quiet of this night, with my husband and daughter sleeping blissfully beside me, I would just like to give thanks for the past 3 weeks before they slip me by.

Thankful that we survived the 15hr flights (although the little berry was overtired and cried and screamed in the last leg). We will do well to remember never to go anywhere more than 4hrs away with a baby in tow.

Thankful that this trip has been a great time of bonding for the little berry and GY. She’s always loved him, but I can see that she’s enjoying his company even more now after having the chance to spend extensive time with him.

Thankful that GY’s parents had extended time with the little berry. They were a Godsend in helping to take care of her during meals and traveling times, especially GY’s mum who was tireless in offering to carry/play with the little berry.

Thankful that the haze cleared up significantly after we came back.

Thankful for all the good food we ate, the sea otters and whales and seals we saw, the fresh air and glimpses of majestic mountains in the distance.