12 months update

by thewallflowerchapter

This is way overdue but when the little berry was celebrating her 1 year birthday, I was an insane mum on speed trying to pack for our Bali trip and big Alaska trip and creating huge thought bubbles of worries about how we will ever survive the holidays. Well by the grace of God, survive we did, and I just wanted to make a quick note about the little berry’s growth at her 12th month mark.

The biggest milestone is probably that she can now initiate play by hiding and then popping out to “surprise” us, saying “there’re!”. She started doing that one night before we put her to bed and both GY and I were so amused, especially at how cheeky she looks when she hides from us.

This month she took her MMRV vaccine. GY had to work so I took her there myself and had lunch with Cindy after. The little berry was quite a champ, she cried for about 5 seconds and was completely ok after that. I was worried about her getting the fever/rash side effects during the Bali trip but she held up perfectly even though she did have a couple of red spots appear on her face.

Her nap times improved significantly this month. From 30min naps, she’s able to nap for up to 1.5hrs now, much to my delight. A rested baby makes a happy mum. Sometimes I think my emotional state depends too much on her sleeping patterns which isn’t exactly healthy, but that’s another post altogether.

She’s been waking up at 6ish am, and despite my best efforts to make that later by getting her to bed earlier, it never seemed to work – as in we never seem to be able to get her into bed by 8pm, somehow.

She’s still crawling, albeit at turbo speed now. She holds onto furniture to walk and I think she’s going to be able to walk on her own very soon. I look forward to that milestone but not how I’ll have to be even more on the lookout for her when she starts walking. And I think I’ll miss her crawling to me, grabbing my knees to pull herself to a standing position and saying “mama”.

We celebrated her birthday at home with a simple BBQ for both sets of the family. It was a food fiesta with BBQ pork and chicken and roasted veg and all sorts of goodies. There was no cake though, we bought 2 small cupcakes for the little berry instead just as a symbolic gesture for us to sing the birthday song for her. Coz GY says no gluten for her before she’s two, hur hur.

Anyway I can’t believe that my little berry is now 1 year old (when I ask her how old she is, she’ll hold up one finger and say “na!”). So much has transpired the past year, yet I feel it’s just flown us by. Sometimes I look at her and still gets amazed at how I gave birth to this person, so wonderfully and beautifully made.

We love you, my little berry. Always remember that.