A long day

by thewallflowerchapter

Today has been trying. It’s one of those long days that serves you a curve ball right when you thought it’s going to be over.

Woke up at 5.50am to the little berry’s crying. Nursed and snoozed intermittently until 7ish when I had to haul myself out of bed to get ready and call a cab. There was something wrong with the booking app but I finally managed to get one.

Left the little berry and took the crowded mrt to work for a 9am meeting. What ensued was a frustrating morning of rebriefing on things which should’ve been made clear earlier, followed by a futile lunch meeting.

Tried to brainstorm in office but my mind was all over the place thinking about why hasn’t the Vpost package arrived (it had but SingPost failed to notify me earlier), the car rental issue, and the town car issue… so in between discussions I was online trying to find alternatives to the problems. I wondered if life would be easier if we just stayed put in Singapore.

A splitting headache came on.

I came across a Facebook post about how marriages that don’t work on their sex life ends in divorce.

Left office late. Thankfully GY came to pick me but we had some unhappiness over the child car seat cover. I asked him to remove it when we get home but he told me not to tell him to do things when he’s hungry – but I know that if I were to tell him after he’s had dinner, he’d say that he’s relaxing and don’t ask him to do things when he’s trying to relax.

I got indignant at why am I doing this to myself at all – asking an unwilling person to help me with something so I can tire myself further by washing a pee-stained cover.

Picked the little berry and finally had the chance to relieve my engorged boobs which I had no chance to pump today. Was told by my parents that their tour briefing clashes with the little berry’s first birthday celebration.

Came home to wash a urine-soaked car seat cover. Rotting finger acted up. Ate dinner. Mopped the dirty kitchen and living room floors. Got ready a couple of things for tomorrow.

In bed now with the persistent headache but GY is already sleeping so I don’t think I can blow dry my hair. The air is filled with the stench of fart.

It’s really hard to be thankful in times like this, but I’ll try.

I’m thankful for GY coming to fetch me home. For the little berry who’s always happy to see me, unconditionally. For the dinner GY cooked. For quiet nights, finally.

May tomorrow bring new joy and be filled with God’s goodness. It’s going to another long day for the little berry and me…