Mother’s Day Crab Beehoon

by thewallflowerchapter

That’s what the little berry gave me for my first Mother’s Day present. Well, through GY of course. Who waited for a whole hour for the food.

Eating the crab beehoon, I was suddenly struck by how privileged I am to be able to eat with both hands, without having to feed or hold anyone else!

It was truly a refreshing experience, especially after our epic-fail crab dinner a couple of months back which took 4 hours to finish in between multiple crying and nursing sessions. I honestly thought I could strike crabs off my list of things to eat until I hit menopause.

I guess this realization makes this Mother’s Day gift all the sweeter for me.

P.S. I should note that the little berry gave me two kisses in the morning, and she was at her best behavior throughout dinner, playing quietly in her play pen while we ate. Bliss.