by thewallflowerchapter

When the little berry was in her half asleep, half awake drowsy state this afternoon, she was slumped over my thighs trying to find a comfortable position.

As she was wriggling like a worm in my lap, I thought she might eventually fall asleep, but then she started blowing raspberries into my thigh.

I was about to scoop her up to a feeding position when she suddenly looked up at me and said “Mole!” – pointing to the mole on my thigh.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or shush her back to sleep… In the end I told her, “Yes that’s mummy’s mole, but now it’s sleeping time,” then nursed her back to continue with her nap.

As she laid in my arms sleeping, I thought what a funny and clever little girl she’s growing up to be. And I’m so blessed to be her mum.