Better Naps

by thewallflowerchapter

The Lord has heard our prayers – ours, the CG’s, my sisters’. And He has answered them. GY and I are so very thankful.

This week, the little berry has been able to nap for about 1hr on average twice a day (close to 2hrs once today but I’m not going to hope for that again and disappoint myself), and was napping on the mattress half the time. She’s still sleeping while nursing half the time, but my poor back is very thankful for the mini break.

The little berry sleeps on average for 12hrs a day now, a little on the lower spectrum but at least she’s napping better.

After wondering if she’s transiting to 1 nap, I’ve decided that she’s nowhere near that yet. She still very much needs her morning nap around 10.30am, followed by her afternoon nap around 3pm (according to the books, the morning nap is always the first to go when transiting to one nap).

One thing I believe though, is that she’s ready for a much earlier bedtime than we’ve been giving her. She gets tired cranky around 7+ most nights, and has been waking up much earlier than her usual time – signs of a too-late bedtime.

One of these days I’m going to let her sleep around 7.30pm to see if she’ll take to it well. Currently she sleeps around 8.30pm and I sense that she’s a little overtired by then.