11 Months update

by thewallflowerchapter

1 more month and the little berry will be turning one! That’s so crazy! Just some quick notes about her growth before I forget:

Her top two front teeth have emerged. She was whiny for a couple of days before they cut through but was generally still of good cheer. So she’s got a total of 4 teeth now, the front 4. I suspect there may be one or two more coming out soon because she’s been drooling a little and this girl of mine isn’t a drooler (unlike her mum, GY would say).

She’s now able to climb up and down the couch in our bedroom with ease. Although she does tend to linger precariously near the edge if the couch, and has fallen down at least one from imbalance at the edge. She’s also able to let herself down from our bed (and head straight for the many interesting things on our bedside tables).

She’s now an expert at going up and down the stairs. Most mornings I will try to let her climb her own way down. When she follows me and reaches the top of the stairs, she would automatically reverse her body and try to gain a foothold on the first step down. Sometimes she would get stuck in between the railings, or misjudge the distance and end up stepping on the spot for a while, haha!

Food-wise, she’s still on a combination of meat, spinach, souper stock, Ikan bilis, brown rice cereal (plus pumpkin/sweet potato). She eats about 80% of a small bowl now in terms of quantity, and fruits on top of that. I wonder what’s going to happen to her when we go to Alaska for almost a month… She seems to be taking well to the bought baby food but I don’t think that’s nutritionally optimal for her.

She has regressed big time when it comes to naps. She’s still on 2 naps, but would only nap in my arms, mostly while nursing. She keeps turning over when I put her in e Yao lan, so I’ve given up on that. My coping strategy is to nurse her to sleep on a mattress in our room, then put her down after she enters deep sleep (or when my aching back cannot take it anymore) through a series of extremely careful physical maneuvers. She naps for about 30-50mins each time, although she can nap around 1.5hrs at my parent’s place.

We tried nap training her but it turned out to be a disaster. For the two horrid days, I put her in the cot after I’ve bathed and nursed her, and she cried for stretches of 2-2.5hrs standing up in the cot without sleeping at all! Ok she did sleep for 30mins the first day but I think that was from sheer exhaustion from complaining for a prolonged period.

The worst thing to have happened was that she pooed from all that exerting herself and ended up with a really bad case of nappy rash after stewing in her own poo for hours. It was so bad that when I wash her bum or carry her against me or wipe her dry with a towel, she would cry in pain because of the sting/friction. We felt so bad we decided to stop nap training for a while and see how after she recovers. I’m hoping to think of something after the holidays since that is going to disrupt her schedule but will see.

I do wonder if she’s transiting from two naps to one but it seems a little too early for that and she looks like she needs both naps and still does both really well when she’s at my parent’s. So I wonder if I’m the problem here, and if my presence is the one causing her to be unable to sleep – or is this some form of separation anxiety?

But other than the agonizing nap problem, she’s been a real delight to be with, usually smiley and cheeky. She knows how to give me things I ask her for, she shares her food (even her favorite strawberries), and she can be incredibly affectionate if she wants to, by laying her head against us or kissing or giving us a pat-pat.

She’s generally a happy baby, even on those days when she was going through the horrid nappy rash, she was still going sideways to make us laugh. She’s been really brave through her ordeals and has shown herself to be a very very strong-willed person (who would cry for 4.5hrs and not sleep!). My prayer is that this trait of hers will be moulded into perseverance and determination for the Lord.

Her top loves at the moment are:

– Strawberries (she smiles and claps when I show her a strawberry)

– Napping attached to my boob.

– Touching her ears with her fingers to get to sleep in e daytime.

– Sleeping on her tummy at night.

– Milkie time

– The cold fish oil bottle against her soles and cheeks and back of her neck.

– Crawling up and down the stairs to explore.

– Meal times (the quantity she’s eating has almost doubled, makes me wonder if I’ve been under feeding her all this while)

– Pop-up books, especially the one my parents bought her, “Chick Tock!” Actually she generally likes books and prefer them over toys. She loves prying open the pages with her little fingers and sometimes mumbling to herself as she flips through the books (she also loves gnawing on the pages, there are quite a few books which have half-eaten pages). Her fav books are the pop-up ones and “brown bear”.

– Going “sideways”, tilting her head horizontal to the ground in her high hair when she’s happy.