Cradle Room Thoughts

by thewallflowerchapter

Today, something that happened in the church cradle room disturbed me deeply. Just thought I’ll jot down some reflections…

There was a boy around the little berry’s age who came along and was interested in a toy we took for the little berry. I think she was also looking at the toy at the same time. The boy started taking the toy for himself to play.

The little berry was like “oh ok” then went on to play with something else, but GY took the toy away from that boy and held it out of reach, saying that we took the toy for the little berry.

I was affronted at why he did that, especially when the little berry regularly crawls around and plays with other babies’ toys without protest from the parents who took the toys for their kids.

I can only presume that GY did what he did to protect our daughter’s toy from being taken away from her, in defense of her. But I wonder what we are teaching her when we do that.

That it’s not ok to share something that belongs to you?

That rude gestures (since the other boy didn’t actually seek permission to take the toy, but honestly he wasn’t at the age to be able to) should be met with unkind response?

That when another person takes my things, papa and mummy will help me by snatching my things away from that person so he can’t have it?

I think there’s a fine line between protecting our daughter and teaching her how to show grace through our responses to situations that happen to her. And we need much wisdom and grace from the Lord to know how to.

So why didn’t I talk to GY about this? I had many opportunities, in the cradle room itself, in the car… I guess what came to my mind were the many times I’ve tried asking him to give grace to rude drivers we encountered on the road, but often we end up quarreling.

He gets very defensive when these situations arise and the whole thing then becomes a “Family vs Outsiders” battle, and why am I always siding with outsiders when I’m supposed to be on his side.

But the thing is, I am on his side. Which is why I don’t wish to see him responding to rude behavior with rudeness. I believe he’s been given enough grace from the Lord, so much so there’s enough grace to pour out from him to respond with love to people who don’t deserve it.

The way I believe he can respond with grace to other kids who unwittingly take the little berry’s toys.

And show our daughter what grace is about while doing that.