Morning Memories

by thewallflowerchapter

How do I remember
That fuzzy black and white image
Of you rolling over, crouching down
Finding a comfortable spot to fall asleep
With your bum
Sky high in the air

How do I remember
The way you wake yourself by sitting up
And almost immediately
Pull yourself to stand in the cot
Exploring the length of your railing extensively
While looking out for us
To come for you

How do I remember
The weight of you
When I scoop you up in my arms
The way you cling on
Like a barnacle
After a long night apart
The way you peek at me
Your eyes lighting up
While nursing, nestled in my arms
My sleepy eyes barely open

How do I remember
You sitting on my lap
Finding the tiny mole on my chest
You try to pick it up with your fingers
And listen intently when I say “Mooooole”
You say “Mooooe”
And clap your hands in glee
So pleased with yourself
My heart sings at your joy